Designing, consulting and managment

Designing and managment

Agriculture and industrial buildings

  • Designing cattle, jaunlopu and pig farms, shep barns, horse arenas, manure storage, slurry lagoons, equipment site, grain storage sheds, drying and with that related infrastructure
  • We manage new builds, reconstructed and renovated building design works, covering all relevant aspects to it

Residential and non-residential buildings
Designing law-story apartments and individul residential houses, saunas and other builds

3D Visualisation
We develop 3D visualisation which allows our client to sense the appearance of the building better

Construction design expertise
We realize Construction design expertise for specific project parts (sections)

Design work management

  • We guide through design projects which includes project shemes development and different specialist coordinats and communication managment who takes part in specific project to provide higher qulity of the project
  • Client has the opportunity to obtain previous years projects, on seperate agreement
  • Developed projects with all parts and public authorities

Building inspection
We inspect and supervise the objects throughout the building process to avoid unproductive costs and construction solutions


We consult and provide with the most appropriate design solution, depending on the specifics of the project (based on previous years design expierence)